IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme Award for 2006


Nominee qualifications: Nominees shall have shown outstanding
leadership or achievements, with links to the IEA Solar Heating and
Cooling Programme, in one or more of the areas of technical
development, market activities, or information dissemination.
Nominations should be emailed to Drury Crawley, at Drury.Crawley@EE.DOE.GOV. To be considered, each nomination should include:

o name of nominee and coordinates (address, phone, fax, e-mail);

o short statement of why the person should be selected; and

o brief description of how the person’s work is linked to the IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme.(Do not send a resume.)

Reference: International Energy Agency Solar Heating & Cooling Programme, website:

Erisk Net, 6/12/2005


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