Independent inquiry clears ASIO of US activist Parkin’s expulsion


Protection of sources means no disclosure: However, Mr Carnell
said he could not reveal details of ASIO’s adverse assessment because
of “security considerations”. “The protection of collection
methodologies and various sources means that there are appropriate
circumstances in which disclosure cannot be made,” Mr Carnell said in
his report. “I appreciate that Mr Parkin and others with doubts about
his treatment will most likely find this vexing, but it is inevitable
given the nature of the matter being examined.”

Trip home for Parkin: A left-wing activist for 15 years, Mr
Parkin, who had been in Australia since the end of May, was picked up
by ASIO officers outside a Brunswick cafe in September on his way to
conduct a protest workshop. His six-month tourist visa was cancelled
and he was held at the Melbourne Custody Centre for five days and then
flown home escorted by two Australian immigration officers.

The Age, 7/12/2005, p. 3

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