In 5 days they decide whether or not to ban super trawlers Stop The Trawler Crew

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In 5 days they decide whether or not to ban super trawlers


Stop The Trawler Crew <>

2:38 PM (4 hours ago)

to me
Hi Neville
I know it’s a crazy busy time right now but members of the Liberal National Government are meeting early next week to decide whether or not to ban super trawlers in Australia’s small pelagic fishery. It’s on their agenda because of you, and now, we really need your help again!

Will you spare 2 minutes to send an urgent email to Liberal MP Peter Hendy and tell him to ban the factory trawlers?

The Turnbull Government needs to hear that our coastal communities – who rely on a healthy marine environment and local tourism and recreational fishing industries – will not be sacrificed to the plunder of foreign factory trawlers that only benefit a few.

Eden-Monaro, represented by Liberal MP Peter Hendy, is an important coastal electorate that is vulnerable to the ravages of super trawlers and important to the Coalition in the next federal election. Make sure the Turnbull Government knows it will have a fight on its hands if they don’t ban factory trawlers now.

Please tell the Federal Member Peter Hendy to protect our coastal communities and economies, and support a ban on all factory freezer trawlers in the Small Pelagic Fishery!

There is just 5 days left before the Coalition decides what to do with these monster trawlers. Let’s help them make the right decision for our kids’ future and our oceans. The clock is ticking.

Thanks for all the actions you take to protect our oceans!

Bec and the Stop the Trawler crew

p.s. Prime Minister Turnbull is offering hope with the Coalition debate on factory trawlers in less than one week. We need to make sure that politicians like Peter Hendy send a message to the Prime Minister that Australians in the crucial electorate of Eden-Monaro want a ban on all super trawlers. You can make a big difference! Will you send him an urgent email today?

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