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Don’t slug workers with the GST


Australian Unions Team <>

2:59 PM (4 hours ago)

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Dear Inga,

The Turnbull Liberal government has put an increase to the GST on the table the same time as they consider cutting tax rates for corporations and the wealthiest Australians. Tell them we will not accept it!
This represents a renewed attack on working people and our living standards. And even worse, the Liberal government wants to raise the GST so we pay more to fund even more tax cuts for corporations!

Increases to the GST would disproportionately affect low and middle-income earners. Low-income households already pay almost 2.5 times as much of their income on GST than those on the highest incomes. A 5% increase to the GST will see household costs rise on average by almost $3000 per year.

Unions want an economy where everyone is paid properly for their work and everybody contributes their fair share of tax. You can read more about the unfairness in the tax system here.

We want to ensure that the tax system delivers sufficient revenue for the government to provide high quality education, healthcare, a supportive social safety net and equal opportunities.

We want everyone to pay their fair share of tax by closing tax avoidance loopholes and rorts the very rich use to pay almost no tax.

Sign our petition calling for the Turnbull government to make corporations pay their fair share of tax – not slug working people with an unfair increased GST.

In unity,


Australian Unions Team

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