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The eyes of the nation focused on the Indi electorate during the 2013 Federal election campaign, as this previously safe seat saw a nine per cent against the national trend and elected an Independent candidate backed by the Voices for Indi community movement.

Voices for Indi has since been contacted by many community groups, NGOs, advocacy and activist groups, unions and election candidates of varied political affiliations who wish to learn about the simple and effective process that gave voice to the people of Indi and created such extraordinary electoral change.

In response an IndiShares forum will be held at the Oxley Hall on 14th June.

Cathy McGowan MP and key people from her campaign team and Voices for Indi and will be there to share and discuss all aspects of building participatory democracy and how to conduct an innovative and successful election campaign.

IndiShares will take the form of round table conversations, hosted by a V4I member with a maximum of ten participants. These round table conversations will be for thirty minutes and there will be an opportunity to attend up to five different topic conversations throughout the day.

The forum will end with a plenary session for general questions and discussion.

To ensure quality conversation for participants IndiShares numbers will be limited, so please register early.

Session themes will be:

  • Voices for Indi: how to build values based participatory democracy
  • Kitchen Table Conversations: the process for giving people voice
  • Social Media: new platforms for engagement and crowdfunding
  • Website/Nation Builder: communications and managing the data
  • Young People: inclusion and embracing new ideas
  • Volunteers: signing up to values, belonging and training
  • Branding/Marketing: creating identity
  • Innovative Campaigning and Events : flashmobs, pop up events
  • Electioneering: creativity, fun and logistics
  • Being an Independent Candidate

Tickets cost $180pp and will be limited.  To request a registration package or to make further enquiries, please email

For media comment: Alana Johnson, V4I President – 0427 624 214

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