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Dodgy cableCommissioner for Fair Trading in NSW Rod Stowe today announced a voluntary recall on faulty cables used for household electrical wiring.
The recall is for three batches of ‘Infinity’ brand insulated electrical cables. The cables are Thermoplastic Sheathed electric cable – commonly known as ‘TPS’. The batch numbers being recalled are INFH 190311, INFH 210912 and INFMEL 081112.
The cables that are being recalled have recently been subjected to laboratory testing and they failed that test.
Testing found the plastic-coated insulation could become brittle when exposed to high temperatures over time.
This can occur through exposure to heat generated by the copper wire itself or through exposure to external heat – such as in the roofs of homes in hotter parts of Australia.
Mr Stowe emphasised there had not been any reports of incidents or injuries to people or property resulting from the cable.
“While the cables pose no immediate threat to safety, the deterioration of the insulation on the cables over time could cause wires to make contact and short, potentially resulting in electrical shock or fire,” he said.
Mr Stowe advised homeowners they should not check wiring themselves.
“Any work on wiring or cable in your home should only be done by a licensed electrician,” he said.
“If you have recently had building work done that included wiring being changed or installed in your home, contact your builder or electrician and ask what cable they used. If it is this cable, you should talk to the builder or electrician about inspecting and replacing the cable.”
Mr Stowe said it was important all electricians checked their records to see whether they have undertaken work using the recalled cables.
“Electricians must always ensure they install electrical cabling that meets Australian standards on consumer safety,” he said.
The recalled cabling is clearly branded ‘Infinity’ and has been imported from China by NSWbased company Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd.
The company has initiated this voluntary recall in co-operation with NSW Fair Trading.
The company is publishing recall notices in newspapers and writing to everyone it has sold the cable to, requesting them to return the recalled batches of cable to the place of sale.
The company has agreed to provide information to Fair Trading concerning the importation and sale of the recalled batches of cable and to provide ongoing reports to Fair Trading about the recall and disposal of the affected cables.
Fair Trading understands the cable has been on sale Australia-wide from 1 April 2012 to the present.
“Unused Infinity cables should be returned to the place of purchase by electricians, where they will be entitled to a refund,” Mr Stowe said.

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