Is the Renewable Energy Target working?

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Is the Renewable Energy Target working?


Amanda McKenzie – Climate Council via 

2:16 PM (37 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Inga

Our job is to share the facts.

Especially when important policy debates are happening – like the one right now on the future of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET).

So our latest report delves into the RET with myth-busting gusto. But just in case that’s not your idea of light reading, you can go straight to the key points in our handy myth-busting guide:

When it comes to climate change and its solutions, key facts are often muddied by complexity, misinformation and self-interest. That’s why a big part of what we aim to do here at the Climate Council is clear up those muddied waters. And every time you spread the truth too, it helps. 

Share the facts at a glance with those in your circle of influence by clicking and sharing the infographic.

Thanks for all you do to help us get the word out.

Amanda McKenzie,

Climate Council CEO

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