It’s Polluters Payday in Parliament House today

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Snap emergency actions tomorrow in
Sydney and Melbourne
Sydney: 1pm, Kevin Rudd’s office, 70 Phillip St (between Bent and Bridge Streets, closest train station is Circular Quay).
Melbourne: 1pm, steps of the State Library marching to Lindsay Tanners office; call the Greens office for more info on 03 9912 2999.
Letters to editors
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It’s polluters’ payday in Parliament House.
This is a polluters’ pact, giving another $5 billion to coal and more to other polluters.
It is about saving Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd, not the planet.
It is about being seen to do something, not about actually doing what is necessary.
Families will pay more – another $5.8 billion – so that polluters pay less.
The Greens are the only party with climate policies that are ecologically sensible and economically rational.
The Prime Minister has adopted Coalition policy cloaked in Greens language. Australians will see through that and feel betrayed by a man they elected to tackle the climate crisis.
The Prime Minister has loaded the dice against our children, giving them more than a 50% chance of facing catastrophic climate change.
He has condemned the Great Barrier Reef and the Murray Darling.
Watch and see as the CPRS triggers new investment in coal. How can that be a step forward?

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