It’s your Medicare under threat BILL SHORTEN

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It’s your Medicare under threat


Bill Shorten via 

2:49 PM (8 minutes ago)

to me

Tony Abbott has never believed in Medicare. He believes Australians should pay a tax every time they visit the doctor.

Having failed to win support in the Senate for his unfair GP Tax, Tony Abbott is now seeking to destroy Medicare via the back door. He has introduced regulation that will mean the end of bulk billing.

That’s why Labor will fight Tony Abbott’s attempt to destroy Medicare. We will oppose this back door GP Tax — it’s the only fair thing to do.

If you share my belief in universal health care, can you stand with me in this fight and share this graphic on Facebook today?


Forcing the sick and the vulnerable to pay every time they see a doctor is not reform.

Labor built Medicare and we won’t let Tony Abbott destroy it. Together I believe that we can win that fight.

Thanks for standing with me on this,


P.S Help us stand against this back door GP tax from Tony Abbott. Click here to share our graphic on Facebook today. If you don’t have Facebook, forward this email onto a friend or post this graphic on Twitter

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