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Exclusive: renewables campaign opportunity


James – GetUp!

4:56 PM (9 minutes ago)

to me
NEVILLERemember late last year when we emailed you about a limited opportunity to switch your power to cleaner, greener energy?

Good news: Powershop have extended the deadline for GetUp members to participate in their exciting trial in NSW.

It’s already worked for 4,530 people in Victoria – will you help kick this off for NSW? Email: nswtrial@powershop.com.au by Friday to ask any questions and let them know you’d like to take part.

Check out the original email for more details below.

We hope you’ll be up for being pioneers!

James and the GetUp team


~~ Original email ~~


The latest research finds an avalanche of support for renewable energy: 89% percent of Australian’s want the Renewable Energy Target to be kept or strengthened1.

Yet Origin, AGL and EnergyAustralia are lobbying the Abbott Government to slash the RET, and they could even be using the profits they make from your electricity bill to do it.

But here’s the good news: GetUp members in Victoria have worked out how to send a clear, unmistakable message to the government that they need to look after the people’s interests, not vested interests. But we need your help to bring this exciting new tactic to NSW.

So far 4,530 GetUp members have switched their home power provider to a pro-renewables company. Powershop recently ranked the ‘greenest energy company’ in Victoria by Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Index – and the exciting thing it’s working! Now it’s time to turn this momentum into a movement across Australia, and the next step is NSW and your local area.

This is an exclusive opportunity to be one of the first people in NSW to make the switch as part of the campaign and ideally provide us with frank and fearless feedback.

Powershop is in the process of moving into the NSW market and is looking for just 200 people in your area to switch to them now.

To save renewable energy and transition away from the dirty power companies and their CSG and coal we need to start a consumer movement for better, cheaper, cleaner power. If you want to be part of this pioneering group you will need:

  • a good quality scanned or smart phone picture copy of your most recent electricity bill (all pages)
  • your full name, address, mobile phone number and email address
  • confirmation that you are the account holder or you have permission from the account holder to switch your electricity account to Powershop
  • confirmation that you are willing to participate in a trial to test Powershop’s systems and approaches in the NSW electricity market.
  • confirmation of whether or not you have solar PV installed.
  • confirmation of whether or not you are receiving any government concessions on your electricity.

Ready to switch? Then contact Powershop at nswtrial@powershop.com.au with your details or if you have any questions.

As a participant in the trial, Powershop will offer you a greater discount to their standard discount offers as compensation for your participation. Powershop will need to communicate with you more regularly than usual to enable them to assess the trial and gather your valuable feedback on your experience.

The trial will run from December to the end of the January. If it’s successful you will be amongst Powershop’s first customers in NSW and recognised by GetUp! and Powershop as Better Power Pioneers. In the unlikely event that is not successful, Powershop will transfer you back to your previous retailer or to another retailer of your choice at no cost or disruption to you.

Unfortunately Powershop won’t be able to select everyone who says yes to taking part in this early part of the trial as they are initially looking for people with specific meter configurations.

Please indicate your interest to take part in this important trial by attaching the documents above and emailing nswtrial@powershop.com.au. Powershop need to receive your electricity bill and consent to participate, as outlined above, by 5pm on Wednesday 17th December.

Don’t hesitate to contact Powershop at nswtrial@powershop.com.au if you have any questions.

Thanks and we hope you’ll be up for being pioneers!

Paul for the GetUp team

PS – You can find out more about Powershop, its renewable energy parent company Meridian and its work to protect the Renewable Energy Target here: https://www.powershop.com.au/renewables

And for more details on GetUp’s Better Power campaign in Victoria click on the link here: https://www.getup.org.au/BetterPowerFAQ

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