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The John James Newsletter 41
17 January 2015

I do not blame those who are resolved to rule, only those who are ready to submit

Edge of Extinction
Guy McPherson is convinced that humanity will be extinct within 20 years from a chain of events that would be triggered by the next Global Financial Crisis. Here is his sequence and its consequences.
The global financial system is artificial and mired in debt.
Were it to fail, as many predict could happen this year, then trade and industry would decline sharply and rapidly.
Less power would be used and less pollution would continue to enter the atmosphere.
Up to now this has created an aerosol layer of smog that has masked warming by more than 1 degree.
In addition, this year or next we should see an ice-free Arctic for the first time.
Complete loss of Arctic ice could double the current rate of warming.
Together these two events will cause rapid global heat-rise, really rapid!
As it gets too hot to keep nuclear power plants cool there would be massive fires that create more heat.
Few forests could avoid destruction from catastrophic wildfires, all adding to the temperature.
The accelerated temperature increase speeds up the loss of Arctic and Antarctic ice that will raise sea levels
This further reduces trade and industry as docks and infrastructure is flooded
That leads to even more loss of aerosol cover
Leading to more temperature rise.
Together these would bring global temperature to beyond 2.4 degrees, and possibly double in the interior of large continents and result in widespread crop failure and loss of habitat.
At that heat a massive explosion of methane from the Arctic Sea is highly probable.
This would rapidly increase temperature by a further 1.2 degrees.
In addition there are more than twenty feed-back loops waiting to accelerate this process.
Governments will be overwhelmed and find it more and more difficult to operate
Populations have nowhere to go.
Nuclear war is almost inevitable.
Civilisation fails.
Events are now moving so rapidly this scenario is likely to commence very soon
It would unfold over the next twenty years or less
By then the earth will be 5-6 degrees hotter.
George Monbiot
There has not been one proposal, debate or even position paper on limiting fossil fuel production put forward at international climate negotiations. Almost all governments are pursuing the same policy of maximising the production of fossil fuels while paying lip service to the need to minimise emissions.

The bear is back: A cautionary tale from Gerard Minack
Fiscal policy is very unlikely to be effective in the next downturn due to congressional gridlock in the US, and lack of centralised fiscal authority in Europe. So you’re left response-less when you enter the next downturn, with monetary policy that is ineffectual, unconventional and just embroidery.What we have are fully invested bears.

A science experiment landed this little girl in handcuffs
Kiera is just one of over 260,000 students that were reported to law enforcement by their schools in 2012, the most-recent available data. By criminalizing every activity under the sun for both adults and children, the government is using the threat of violence (or sometimes actual violence) to create a docile, obedient, and subservient population.

Unbelievable: A science experiment landed this little girl in handcuffs

In an ‘Epic’ Chase, Sea Shepherd Vows to Pursue Poachers to ‘Ends of the Earth’
The dramatic chase, which has gone on for 22 days, is thought to be the world’s longest pursuit of an illegal fishing vessel.

What Do the World Bank and IMF Have to Do With the Ukraine Conflict?
The East-West competition over Ukraine is about the control of natural resources, including uranium and other minerals Ukraine’s vast agricultural sector is the world’s third largest exporter of corn and fifth largest exporter of wheat. Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe.

What Do the World Bank and IMF Have to Do With the Ukraine Conflict?

Is War in the Cards for 2015?
Either Obama and Putin enter negotiations over Ukraine or the war in Ukraine, with 4,700 dead since April, gets bigger and wider.

What Hebdo execution video really shows
It seems impossible that an AK-47 bullet fired from close range would not have had a dramatic impact on that policeman’s head. The video shows nothing significant happened to his head when the bullet was fired.

and among the comments

Complaint of war crimes against John Howard sent to the International Criminal Court

Complaint against John Howard to the International Criminal Court

China and Russia to launch new credit rating agency in 2015
The new agency will be based in Hong Kong, and provide a check on the ‘Big Three’, which have not always provided an accurate reading of economic situations.

What 2,000 Calories Looks Like
A healthy adult should be consuming around 2,000 calories a day, according to the US Department of Health. This photo series reveals just what 2,000 calories looks like at some of the UK’s favourite fast food chains — and it’s often a lot smaller than you might think.

The Rock of our Existence
The Zionist claim to Palestine was solely based on the Biblical history of the Exodus, the conquest of Canaan, the kingdoms of Saul, David and Solomon and the events of those times. Four generations of devoted archeologists, with a burning conviction and huge resources, produced not a single indication that any of these happened. On the Egyptian side thousands of  documents have been deciphered from 1730 BC onwards that show that Egyptian spies, traders and soldiers reported in great detail on events in every town of Canaan. Not a single item has been found that tells anything remotely resembling Biblical events.

How the West was stolen
Scale of Native American dispossession revealed in a time-lapse video. Between 1776 and 1887, white conquerors razed across 1.5 billion acres of Indian-occupied land, claiming it for their own.

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