John James Newsletter No. <46>

The John James Newsletter 46
21 February 2015

I can’t run no more
with that lawless crowd
while the killers in high places
say their prayers out loud.
But they’ve summoned, they’ve summoned up
a thundercloud
and they’re going to hear from me.
Leonard Cohen in “There is a crack, a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in”

Seven Countries In Five Years
This article shows how major world events are just pebbles in the mosaic of US global power. Syria, Libya, Yemen .. A redrawing of the map … Confrontation in the Ukraine is to fulfil only to separate Russia from Europe and to prevent trade, and thereby get rid of Europe’s energy dependence on Russia…. They want Russia into economic depression. More broadly, to prevent Russia from once again becoming a superpower. ,,, It is one reason for low oil prices … Turkey has finally understood it is to be thrown overboard…. May God save the world.
Hence the importance of
Turkey favours China missile deal for air defence

Ukraine Coup Planned By Nato And EU
The war propagandists are winning the support of many unsuspecting American citizens. The followingg 90 seconds video may provide a refreshingly different perspective.

Islam cannot disown jihadists, for they are driven by rage against their own history
If Islam alone were the completed and perfected religion of God — and if its political completeness was the basis for its long-lasting worldly success (which would be proof of its religious superiority) — then why has it been so comprehensively defeated and impotent? What had gone wrong? The history of modern Islam has largely been the story of failed attempts to overcome this cognitive dissonance.

A model of human migration based on mitochondrial DNA with Africa at the top.
The letters are the mitochondrial DNA haplogroups (pure motherly lineages) that can be used to define fine genetic population.
Andrew Y. Glikson, Evolution of the Atmosphere, Fire and the Anthropocene Climate Event Horizon,

China’s attacks on US internet titans
Beijing has launched major cyber strikes against Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo six times over the past two years, with Politburo approval. They aim to establish Beijing’s absolute authority over all Internet operations within China.

The twentieth century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance:
the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda
to protect corporate power against democracy.
Alex Carey, author

Financial Times: Kiev Is the Violent Aggressor in East Ukraine
Although this article tries to make the people of Donetsk appear gullible and indoctrinated, it does admit that Kiev is waging a vicious war against its own people—something that East Ukrainians will never forget, and probably never forgive.

ISIL sprouts limbs across Middle East
IS in Iraq and the Levant is expanding to establish militant affiliates in Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and Libya.
Isis plans to use immigrant boats from Libya to cause terror in Europe and close shipping routes


What causes our climate to change?
The jet stream, which once used to move over North America horizontally, has become wavy, pushing warm air north while drawing cold air from the south.

The Real Problem of ‘Getting to Yes’ with Iran
Unless Washington figures out that its strategy will not work, we must expect stalemate and a much higher level of US-Iranian tensions. The only reason Iran has not accepted the deal, according to the US view, is that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is a hardliner who is constraining the more reasonable Iranian negotiating team from making the necessary compromises. But that reflects a profoundly distorted view of US-Iran relations on the nuclear issue.

Australian banks fall victim to multi-national hackers
A group from Russia, China, Ukraine and parts of Europe use a virus known as Carbanak to access bank employee computers and ultimately get inside their networks.The hackers then transfer money from the bank into off-shore accounts, or order the bank’s ATMs to dispense cash to a waiting friend.

‘This Is Not A Game’ Declares Greek Minister as Talks Collapse in Brussels
Greece won’t commit to an extension of the lending program which is tied to the same austerity conditions that have devastated its economy. The Eurogroup will not accept an extension of the lending program unless Greece agrees to  further austerity conditions.

In 2011 fossil fuel burning, cement production and land clearing released 9.5±0.5 GtC to the atmosphere
54% higher than in 1990. Coal burning was responsible for 43%, oil 34%, gas 18%, and cement 5%.
Global Carbon Project 2013
Group hid undetectable spyware on hard drives
NSA has successfully developed techniques for hiding spyware on hard drives. Once infected it is impossible to alter and cannot be detected. Infected machines have been found in Russia, Afghanistan, China, Syria and Yemen.

Worldwide Equation Group hid undetectable spyware on hard drives

And being copy-catted by private companies

As Early as 2016, Robo-Cops Will Be Patrolling Your Streets
Another level of intimidation to the increasingly militarized police state. It is one step closer to a dystopian future where autonomous robots carry out law enforcement. If a human police officer can get away with killing what would this mean for the robot officer? The K5 does not wield weapons but serves as a total surveillance machine for cops or private clients. It has facial recognition and scans 1,500 license plates per minute, captures audio and 360-degree video, tests the air for chemicals, and maps its surroundings with 3D radar and laser. It pretends to distinguish “suspicious activities” from normal activities. Robots have been used for years to detonate or disable bombs, but police robots are increasingly being developed for use against people.

As Early as 2016, Robot Cops Will Be Patrolling Your Streets…….No, Seriously

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