Karl S Williams wows Woodford

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Karl S Williams
Karl S Williams at the Pineapple Bar


Twighlight Markets and Joynt regular Karl S Williams is taking Woodford by storm. With at least one gig every day the West End troubadour has turned heads with his gutsy passion, huge vocal register and eclectic material.

Diners at the Pineapple Bar last night postponed their departure as Williams slipped seamlessly from piano ballads to dark banjo pieces that gave a new dimension to that generally underdeveloped instrument.
Sound techs are raving about the clean, spare sound that mixes swamp, remote hilltop and Hootanany back block with Williams’ Brisbane Southside roots.
Williams is not the only local turning heads at Westend’s cultural summer sojourn. Joe Hallestein of community hub Turnstyle presented his rousing talk on windmills, Jo Sri from Rivermouth is in the running for a free ticket to next year’s Woodford as a “walk up” to the Poet’s Breakfast. Rivermouth itself has been rocking the after midnight crowd at the Joy Luck Club. Of course, there is lots going on from places other than West End but that is not our concern, is it?

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