Keeping West End in character

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Helen Abrahams, The Gabba Ward Councillor, along with the Boundary Street traders, have agreed that the seats, bins and planter boxes designed by John Mongard specifically for Boundary Street West End should be restored and installed before the new footpath is laid.

The blue and orange colours and the design of the street furniture are unique.

“There is always someone sitting on the seats so I am sure they are some of the best used seats in Brisbane,” said Helen Abrahams

The “Boundary Street” seats and street furniture have thinned out due to the number that have been removed so the plan is to bring them back to the block between Jane Street and Vulture Street.

At the meeting of traders held on Wednesday 17th, there was total agreement to keep the furniture. Councillor Abrahams said it was important to talk to the local traders because once the new concrete footpath proposed for the western side of Boundary Street is in place the furniture will be fixed.

“The seats have been disappearing over time and another one was removed just last week,” said Helen. “It would appear there was a complaint about people smoking and Council’s response was to remove the seat. This is not the solution.”

In another case, the seat was removed because it was always being unbolted and shifted so many times that it became unsafe.

“The seats and other street furniture are what make Boundary Street different. It has a village feel about it. Sometimes, it takes some time to walk down the street because there is always someone who wants to stop and have a chat.”

“Once the new footpath is in place, I am sure the planter boxes, seats and bins will once again become a major feature of the street. The plan is for a facelift for the street without changing the character.”


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