Langlee Wave Power And Unmaksan To Build 24-MW System

August 27, 2009

Langlee Wave Power And Unmaksan To Build 24-MW System

Oslo, Norway [Hydro Review]

Turkish energy company Unmaksan and Norwegian energy company Langlee Wave Power have signed a deal to build a 24-MW wave power system off the coast of Turkey. The exact location has not been determined.

The first phase of the project calls for a 120 KW pilot facility, which will eventually be developed into a 24-MW system comprised of 200 wave energy converters designed by Langlee.

“Unmaksan has analyzed more than 70 different wave power concepts, and we believe Langlee has the most robust technology and cost-effective solution,” Unmaksan Managing Director Serhat Kan said in a news release.

The US$169 million project will be built close to the shoreline in shallow waters near existing distribution systems, the companies said. Unmaksan will build the project and Langlee owns the licensing rights to the technology. Langlee said it expects to receive US$14.7 million in licensing fees from the project.

Earlier this year, the World Bank approved US$600 million in financing for Turkey’s Private Sector Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project. (HydroWorld 7/10/09) Contractors, consultants, and project sponsors have been encouraged to participate in the development of renewable energy projects, including hydropower

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