Last chance to block the bill

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Last chance to block the bill


Erin – GetUp!

7:42 PM (14 minutes ago)

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Right now is our last chance to speak up for what’s right, and to prevent a lasting and far-reaching wrong from ruining lives and permanently tarnishing our international reputation.

Tomorrow our Government is set to debate and potentially vote on what is perhaps the most legally unethical and punishing refugee bill in our nation’s history.It’s been dubbed the “Worst Bill Ever”, and even that nickname might not do it justice.

Want to stop this from happening? Help get the word out. Click here to find out how:

The damning United Nations report released over the weekend from the Committee Against Torture laid out the shameful facts about Australia’s shirking of human rights obligations and international law.

These inexcusable atrocities – from resettled refugees in Nauru being assaulted, to riots resulting in deaths, documented self harm and sexual abuse, inadequate medical facilities, children in despair, refugees being sent back to places where they could be tortured – are all happening in our name, right now. And we need to do better.

That’s why – right now – as the “Worst Bill Ever” is about to be debated, and in the last sitting week for the year, now is our best and last chance to make ourselves heard. How? By making sure as many people as possible urge their Senators to listen to Australians, the United Nations and legal & human rights experts, and block this punishing bill. Click here to share the explainer image on Facebook.

Then, together, we will show the power and resolve of our movement by making thousands of New Year’s resolutions to continue our movement’s fight for justice, compassion and a fair go for asylum seekers. Make your resolution now, and we’ll hand deliver it to Senators and MPs in Canberra this week.

Click here to be a part of it:

Drawings by children being held in detention, submitted to AHRC inquiry into child detention

If tomorrow’s Bill passes, it will only further our damaged reputation – it will make it much easier to forcibly return asylum seekers to harm, in breach of the Convention Against Torture. Morrison’s response? To use hundreds of innocent children currently suffering in detention as bargaining chips to try to bully his bill through the Senate with no regard for compassion, human life or common decency1.

Are we better than this as Australians? We know so. But the most powerful thing we can do right now is show that we won’t back down. Prove it now by making your resolution to continue the fight for fairer treatment of asylum seekers, and by sharing our “block the bill” image far and wide before debate ends tomorrow:

Yours in hope,
Erin, Alycia, Kelsey, Aurora and Sally for the GetUp team.

PS – To everyone who’s been a part of this campaign so far, thank you. Already, more than 5,000 GetUp members have made formal submissions against the bill, and more than 6,000 have taken the time to call or email crossbench Senators, urging them to do what’s right and vote against Mr Morrison’s cruel legislation. As a movement, we’ve been doing everything we can to block this bill, but we all know this fight doesn’t end here.

That’s why, this Thursday, we’ll be in Canberra with our friends from the Refugee Action Coalition, presenting a petition that has been signed by more than 98,518 Australians calling for the closure of the Manus Island and Nauru offshore detention centres.

The evidence that has accumulated over the past year about why these centres cannot remain open – despite the government’s attempts to shroud its operations in secrecy – is irrefutable and compelling. Less than a month ago the UN Committee Against Torture told the Australian government that conditions on Manus Island and Nauru amounted to “cruel, inhuman, and unlawful punishment.”

Make your New Year’s Resolution to get up, and stand up for the fight, and we’ll hand-deliver your words to Senators in Canberra this week:

[1] Scott Morrison ‘using asylum seeker children as bargaining chips’, The Guardian, November 4 2014.

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