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Let the renewables race begin!


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This is a quick one, but it’s important.

The Government’s rhetoric on renewables has completely shifted — and it’s our job to turn the talk into action.

The early signs are good. The overt attacks have stopped. A new ‘Office of Climate Change and Renewables Innovation’ has been announced, and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg just went on radio to spruik Malcolm Turnbull as a longtime lover of renewable energy.1,2,3

It’s promising talk, but it’s time for them to get serious.

Can you sign this petition calling on Malcolm Turnbull to commit to at least 50% renewable power by 2030?

Malcolm Turnbull is already aware that clean energy has widespread support in the electorate. He’ll be keen to find a way to neutralise the electoral advantage Labor has with its strong renewables platform.

If we can act en masse to demonstrate the undeniable, overwhelming support that Australians have for renewables, there’s a real chance we can get Turnbull’s Government to match Labor’s commitment.

Can you sign the petition asking the Turnbull Government to match Labor’s election commitment of 50% renewable power by 2030?

Just imagine what that would look like. Instead of attacks on ‘visually awful’ wind power, or slashing funding for renewables, we could have our two major political parties trying to outdo one another to support clean energy.

For the first time in too long, we have the chance to make renewables a race to the top, not the bottom.

Let’s seize this opportunity with everything we’ve got.

Sam LR, Sam R and Adam, for the GetUp team

PS – Last week, GetUp members answered a survey about their priorities, hopes and fears for the Turnbull Government. Action on climate change and renewables came out as one of the top priorities for the Turnbull government in stepping up to the plate – check out some of the comments below.

Let’s put this issue front and centre. Let’s start by building a powerful public display of support for a little less conversation, a little more action. Sign the petition here.

“I’m hoping for a turnaround in policy regarding renewable energy. A conscious effort to phase out fossil fuels. Support for renewable energy, solar, wind… Investment in renewable energy and targets for 100% renewable set even if it is 50 years away.” – Linda

“I hope he can re-introduce much better climate change policies, return financial support to climate related institutions and groups, and to developing sustainable energy etc. I mean REALLY taking this issue seriously.” – Sophie

[1] Turnbull government signals new approach to climate policy, The Guardian, 21 September 2015
[2] Greg Hunt powers hi-tech energy drive to reduce price pressure, The Australian, 28 Sepetmber 2015
[3] Australian Government Investing To Make Solar Cheaper And More Efficient, Media Release, 1 October 2015

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