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One Sentence.


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What if we told you that changing one sentence could reduce the suffering of billions of animals?
It can, but only if you act quickly by taking action today »
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Dear neville,
We have a golden opportunity, right now, to significantly limit the funding of intensive animal confinement farming systems globally. All we need to do is change one sentence in a document currently under review with the World Bank Group. The impact of this will be profound, helping to reduce the suffering of billions of animals worldwide.

You can help make this possible by taking action today »

The World Bank Group, which sets the standard for sustainability and social responsibility globally, is in the process of reviewing its safeguard policies. The current language regarding animal welfare is substandard and outdated—it does not reflect the views of people like you who believe that intensive confinement of farm animals is cruel.

Simply updating the sentence pertaining to animal welfare in the policy could reduce the suffering of billions of animals by improving their living conditions. A range of intensive confinement practices would no longer be permissible. This would also mean easier access for consumers around the world to more humanely-raised animal products.

This is achievable. Join us today and encourage the World Bank to update their safeguard policies to reflect their existing guidance document on animal welfare. Let’s improve the lives of billions of farm animals worldwide.Over 77 billion land animals are raised for food around the world each year. Many of them live in barren, crowded, factory-like conditions, experiencing intense suffering as they are unable to move freely or engage in natural behaviors due to extreme confinement. Each one of these animals is capable of experiencing pain, affection, frustration and many other emotions.

You could help improve the lives of billions of farm animals worldwide by taking action today »

If the World Bank Group were to adopt this language stating that farm animal production facilities and programs of all sizes must comply with the existing guidance document on animal welfare, it would set a higher standard for farm animal welfare across the globe.

Please use your voice today to ensure that the World Bank’s policies include meaningful animal welfare standards.

Send a clear message to The World Bank Group today!

Thank you for all that you do for animals.

Chetana Mirle
Director, Farm Animal Welfare
Humane Society International

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