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Without a doubt, mental health plays a major role in someone’s decision to suicide, says Annette Yunus.

However it is important to note that self harm, alcohol and drug abuse are also three of the highest risk factors.

Generally those who attempt suicide have lost all hope and cannot see a bright future for themselves. Other contributing factors can be the breakdown of the family unit where families are scattered due to employment and lifestyle, leaving some people feeling alone and vulnerable.

Annette Yunus is a psychologist who has been working with those who have attempted suicide for over 14 years at West End Medical Practice, 38 Russell Street, West End, and has seen many situations exacerbated by drug abuse.

Annette went on to say that “people who are depressed and suicide tend to have faulty negative thinking patterns such as black and white thinking, where thoughts are processed in absolute with no grey area or magnification, which means allowing minor incidents to snow ball into major catastrophes.

Other major contributing factors for suicide Annette has experienced have been: failure to achieve; relationship break ups; Domestic violence and the suicide of a partner or friend.

Annette is a great believer that prevention is better than a cure and feels that people need to learn to recognise the signs of depression and anxiety, before a crisis point is reached.

It can be hard for someone with depression to identify the issue, which is where family and friends need to be supportive and encourage them to seek professional help. Antidepressants have their place, but it is better for the person to learn strategies to help themselves.

Are you Stressed, Anxious or Depressed?

For Westender readers who are concerned about their psychological well-being, Anne recommends the standard DASS21 self-appraisal questionnaire, a copy of which is attached to this article.

Simply fill out the form and send it to Annette via the email address westend.survey@gmail.com, and Annette will contact you to discuss your scores. There is no charge for this initial contact.

LINK TO ACYunus dass 21.doc

Annette is a health provider for Medicare, Allied Health, Bupa, Medibank Private and other health insurers under their Extras tables, and can be contacted at the West End Practice on 07 3846 4888 or her mobile 0406 561 757

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