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The local shop logo identifies participating businesses

As we turn our minds towards another Christmas, many people start to draw up the presents list.

This Christmas, why don’t you start by committing to make all your purchases locally?

It’s well documented that dollars spent locally stay in local hands longer, and bring greater benefits to local communities.

The task of shopping locally brings about an element of creativity. Who likes a voucher for which restaurant or bar? Can you source ethically made products? What about presents for the kids?

In West End the answer is: absolutely!

The Westender continues to focus on independent, local businesses that help you maintain the vibrant, unique community that makes waking up in West End so delightful.

West End continues to offer some of Brisbane’s most exciting retail options.

The benefits of buying locally continue to give far beyond 25th December, 2013.

Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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The local shop logo will readily identify participating businesses

The Local Shop logo will instantly identify participating businesses

For local businesses

Put this in your window think about opening early and late to make it easy for Westender readers to do their Christmas shopping on the way to and from work.

If mobs of youths start baying for David outside your shop, they are probably addicts of the 90’s BBC show League of Gentlemen. Send them down to the butcher for a ‘special package’.


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