Look Out West End!

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In an answer to a question on notice in this week’s Brisbane City Council meeting agenda, it was revealed that the Lord Mayor’s decision to extend the chargeable hours for on-street paid parking in the CBD to weekends has netted Council an extra $4,275 per day in parking fine revenue.

In just seven short weeks, almost $60,000 worth of fines have been issued to motorists who failed to pay to park in the Brisbane CBD on weekends.

“If the trend of issuing more than 100 parking fines in the CBD each weekend continues, this year alone Brisbane City Council will issue motorists in the CBD with an extra 5,920 fines,” said Cr Abrahams.

“Council stands to make a cool $1.3 million from an extension of the chargeable hours for paid parking in the CBD and Valley, and to rake in $444,042 this year just in extra fines from people parking on-street in the CBD on weekends.

“The Lord Mayor’s latest parking meter cash grab is on top of the already $26 million he expects to collect from other parking fines across the City this year.

“The roll out of the weekend parking meters in South Brisbane is imminent. So these estimates will increase even further at the expense of local residents of West End and visitors to South Bank on the weekends.”

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