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Scott McDonald at McGarrys
Scott McDonald has found business owners struggle to maximise the value of their businesses and get out

An online seminar focused on maximising the worth of your business will be held on 26th of February, hosted by PwC partner Andrew Weeden for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland.

Business readers of Westender will remember Scott McDonald of McGarrys identifying that an exit strategy is one of the most difficult and confronting things for most business owners to deal with. Read the interview with Scott last year.

The CCIQ seminar addresses this challenge as follows.

“You’ve spent years building up your business – your great asset and you want to know how you can maximise the value.

“Focusing on the true worth of your business can help you achieve your goals as you look towards realising that value or passing it on to the next generation.

Register for the seminar now.

“Hear how you can leave the greatest legacy in the best possible way through valuable insights as we help you successfully find the value in your business today to ensure you can pass it on tomorrow.

“Join PwC partner, Andrew Weeden for this FREE webinar as he helps you discover how you can maximise worth in your business today to ensure you maximise value for tomorrow. “

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