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candidatesGrill a Green, nail a Nat and  lambast a Labor candidate. Whatever the colour of your campaign t-shirt, quizz a candidate on the evening of Wednesday February 5th, in West End just before the by-election for Griffith. All candidates are invited and the format will depend a little on who accepts the invitation.

The venue is the Souths League Club in Davies Park at the corner of Jane and Montague Street.

Get along to see your candidate stare down the crowd and their competitors for the crown of representing you in the Big House this year. This is a great opportunity to have your say and get out with your tribe to exercise your democratic muscle. As well as a sea of red, green and blue t-shirts we can expect the other eight candidates to field supporters.

Click below for the Westender story on the candidate or, failing that, the candidate statement. Don’t forget to register your questions using the comment box below.

  1. Timothy Lawrence, Stable Population Party
  2. Geoff Ebbs, The Greens
  3. Christopher David Williams, Family First Party
  4. Karel Boele, Independent
  5. Anthony Ackroyd, Bullet Train for Australia
  6. Anne Reid, Secular Party of Australia
  7. Terri Butler, Australian Labor Party
  8. Melanie Rose Thomas, Pirate Party Australia
  9. Travis James Windsor, Independent
  10. Ray Sawyer, Katter’s Australian Party
  11. Bill Glasson, Liberal National Party of Queensland

The election is no foregone conclusion and we expect good media coverage so it might just make the difference. Be there to be sure that if it does, it makes the difference you want to see.


15 thoughts on “Meet the Griffith candidates

  1. Jan Bowmsn

    16 January, 2014

    Only three of nine candidates?

  2. Westender

    16 January, 2014

    All nine candidates?

  3. Eric

    18 January, 2014

    My questions are for Timothy Lawrence.

    Tim, I have heard a number of claims in relation to the Stable Population Party and presumably soon to be the Sustainable Population Party. I would like to understand what you believe makes the Stable Population Party different to all of the other parties? Why does the party claim to represent a fundamental shift in paradigm? And if not answered by the preceding question, why do you say people should put the party first before all other parties even their own?


    • The Sustainable Population Party represents a paradigm shift towards “better, not bigger”: we reject the current imperative to constantly grow society in overall consumption but instead propose to grow society in quality, sustainability, prosperity and innovation.

      We are different because we truly are a party about responsible, rational, pragmatic sustainability: we look at the underlying issues, such as overpopulation and the pyramid-shaped growth bubble of society, and seek to address them openly, tolerantly and democratically.

      We propose a new social dynamic rather than that of unsustainable, exponential growth. We propose that effort is better invested in actually improving infrastructure and services, instead of simply duplicating more. We need to improve quality of life for all on this planet – indeed, simply feed everyone on the planet – before anyone can say we need to grow world population.

      We don’t want a fragile “boom and bust” model: we seek a sustainable, egalitarian economy. We want to deal with the causes of problems, rather than the symptoms. We want to focus on productive industries, rather than simple growth industries.

      70% of Australians don’t want a Big Australia, because population growth has a huge range of social, environmental and economic impacts. This includes high rise, destruction of koala forest and unaffordable housing through higher rents and mortgages.

      I recommend putting the Population Party first as no other parties deal with these fundamental issues. If we aren’t elected then your vote will fall to your next preference at full effect, thus allowing you to send a message to the elected party that we need a better society, not a bigger one. Hopefully the elected party will then adopt some of our philosophies and policies.

      Please do come to the Meet The Candidates Forum to hear more.

      For more information and to get in contact, please refer to the Sustainable Population Party website:

  4. Joe

    4 February, 2014

    Question for Bill Glasson:

    You and your party are promoting the fact that you plan to:

    * Scrap the carbon tax;
    * Review the Renewable Energy Target;
    * Hold another public enquiry into wind farms;
    * Shut down the Climate Change Authority;
    * Shut down the Clean Energy Finance Corporation;
    * At the state level, you have recently removed sea level rise from planning policies to enable more development;
    * And your cabinet does not even have a science minister, let alone a minister for climate change.

    Do you deny that climate change is happening, or else do you not think it will affect Griffith, or else are you just ignoring it? What is your climate policy?

  5. Joe

    4 February, 2014

    Question for Terri Butler:

    Every day and night, coal trains screech and rumble through the sunny suburbs of Griffith on their way to the Port of Brisbane, shedding diesel fumes and coal dust into our lungs and those of our children. Many more trains per day are predicted if (when) the New Acland Coal Mine Expansion is approved by the Qld Government. If elected, will you advocate for a cap on the number of trains that pass through Brisbane in order to protect us and our children from the documented health dangers of coal dust, and the grinding irritation of their incessant noise?

  6. Aidan Martin

    4 February, 2014

    Question for Travis Windsor

  7. Aidan Martin

    4 February, 2014

    Question for Travis Windsor

    What is your position on the VLAD laws as they affect every voter in griffith?

  8. Andrew Gunn

    4 February, 2014

    Question for Bill Glasson:

    The poorest Australians have the worst health because being poor makes you sick and being sick makes you poor. You initially supported a $6 copayment with bulk billing. Do you agree that a trivial sum of money for you could prevent others accessing essential health care? Do you think this matters?

    Dr Andrew Gunn

  9. Nicola

    4 February, 2014

    Question for Travis Windsor

    What will you do for small business?

  10. Brad

    5 February, 2014

    Question for all candidates:
    I’m concerned about climate change, and I think that Australia, as one of the richest and most polluting nations has a responsibility to lead the way in supporting and developing solutions like renewable energy.

    What’s your personal view on the imperitive for pulling our weight on climate action, and what will your party do to support a transition to 100% renewable energy?


  11. Patrick

    5 February, 2014

    Unless I am mistaken, there is no mention of what time this meeting takes place. What time should we be there?

  12. Cole

    5 February, 2014

    Terri Butler- Do you agree that Australians are making a substantial contribution to climate change via our greenhouse gas emissions? If not, what specific scientific sources and references do you rely on to justify going against the scientific consensus?

  13. Hayley T

    5 February, 2014

    To Bill G- The government has said many times that it takes climate change seriously, yet is planning to scrap our main policies. Do you support ambitious climate policies? Do you accept that climate change is occurring? If not, what specific scientific sources and references do you rely on to justify rejecting the scientific consensus?

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