The discovery of this new type of methane, what scientists call methane hydrate, has led to two important questions. The first is pragmatic: Will it burn like ordinary methane? It turns out it will. If you take a piece of methane hydrate — it looks like hard-packed snow — and touch a lighted match to it, the sample will burn with a reddish flame. And if that’s the case, it could be used to heat homes, fuel cars and generally power energy-hungry nations such as Japan, the United States, India and China. Recent data suggest that just 1 percent of Earth’s methane hydrate deposits could yield enough natural gas to meet America’s energy needs for 170,000 years

This a very exciting proposal. If if may be possible as Japan is suggesting, in safety
the world’s energy problems would be solved. Why not use the gas that is threatening
the world’s extinction to solve the world’s energy problems. Removal of Methane gases
may help to reduce the danger of Methane eruptions if done safely.

This concept is yet to be proved, but does show some promise for the future.

Neville Gillmore.

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