Micro Mirrors Shield Protecting Earth from Global Warming

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Micro Mirrors Shield Protecting Earth from Global Warming

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Micro Mirrors Shield Protecting Earth from Global Warming



Save the earth project buys 100 aircrafts each can carry 10 tons of micro mirrors we locate each 25 in different location on this planet.
Where each aircraft flies every day to the lower stratosphere and sprays all the 10 tons of micro mirrors up there so the some will be 1000 tons every day injected in the lower stratosphere where the micro mirrors will last for two years.
since the lower stratosphere height range from 8 Km near the poles and 15 Km near the equator and since the sun is strongest near the equator where the micro mirrors will be more efficient therefore if we make those aircrafts with bigger engines or we double the engines so when the aircraft reaches 10 Km then it starts the extra engines so to get to higher point lets say 13 KM or 14 Km so when it reaches the lower stratosphere it sprays the micro mirrors , after that it stops the extra engines and come back to earth.
Saves the earth project although it is more expensive but we must use it because global warming will damage earth more than this cost by many folds.


Instead of making a big mirror as big as Australia to reflect a large portion of the sun light back to outer space, where we do not have sufficient land to do that on, nor the money, since this will cost trillions of dollars, and instead of making a big mirror in the space circulating the earth, that is too costly and will take hundred years to finish, by then the global warming would have destroyed many places on earth, so sending micro mirrors in the upper atmosphere at a rate mentioned below where these micro mirrors keep circulating the earth for 2 years before they come back to the surface and this method can be done at unbelievably low cost comparing to the damage the global warming will do to our planet.
I estimate the cost of 200 millions dollars initially then it will cost around 35 millions dollars a year.


We use the passenger flights between the cities so each airplane when it reaches the highest point in the sky lets say 10,000 meters it starts to spray Micro Mirrors in the low latitude stratosphere, 100Kg each airplane so the upper atmosphere wind takes this sun light reflector micro mirrors with it and it keeps circulating the earth for 2 years.

Most flights fly most of the time in the upper troposphere but for a short time in the low latitude stratosphere, since the micro mirrors can be sprayed out within minutes therefore the aircraft must inject all the micro mirrors in the low latitude stratosphere at the correct time when the aircraft is flying in low latitude stratosphere, even if the aircraft stays there for ten minutes therefore all the Micro Mirrors will be injected in the low latitude stratosphere.

Since we will not send the airplanes solely for this purpose, it will cost us very small amount and may be each airline will do it for free to save our planet.
The total sun light reflector surface area will add up in a short time may be in one year to nine million Km2 so this area will reflect back to outer space 80% of the light and heat and if we use KCO3 which reflects 98% of the light we will have a total sun light reflection of the earth of an area mentioned above so by controlling this surface area we can control from now on the sea level best to human benefit.


No matter what side effects these micro mirrors will have, these side effects will be far less than the effects of the volcano eruption. Therefore this solution is harmless and safe to use.


1. The molecular weight of CaCO3 is 100 so each 100 grams of CaCO3 has Avogadro’s number of molecules which is 6.23x 1023 , I will assume this number from now on as 1*1024 to ease the calculations and to make the presentation simple to every body.
2. The density of the chalk is around 4.6g/ , so 100g will take the volume of a cub it’s side has a length of 5cm.
3. from the assumed Avogadro’s number 1* 1024 we will see that each side length is 108 molecules.
4. I will assume that each dust particle will consists from one thousand million atoms so each particle has a side of 1000 molecules. So by dividing 108 (mentioned in step 3) by 1000 we will know how many layers the cub will has which will be 105 layers.
5. Since the cub has six square sides each has surface area of 5*5=25 cm2 so by multiplying 25cm2 by 105 layers = 25 *105 cm2
6. since m2 = 104 cm2 , so by dividing 25 *105 cm2 by 104 cm2 =250m2 that is the surface area of one mule of dust in the sky. (That is the total area of all the micro mirrors flying in the upper sky .)
7. Since each airplane will sprinkle 100Kg of CaCO3 at each flight that means 1000 mule so the surface area of 100Kg is 1000 * 250m2 = 250,000 m2
8. since there is more than 10,000 flight every day all over the world so the total surface area sprinkled every day will be 250,000 m2 * 10,000 flight = 2500,000,000 m2
9. since Km2 = 1000,000 m2 so by dividing 2500,000,000 m2 by 1000,000 m2 = 2500 Km2 this area will be added every day
10. so in one year that will add up to 2500 Km* 365 = 912500 Km2 that is approximately one million Km2 so in ten years we will have reflecting surface as big as USA or if the CaCO3 particles consists from 108 molecules we will have this surface area in one year only.
I think we should use this idea very carefully and not over do it because we might go into a small ice age and all the dinosaurs will die if we had any.


We design a container like the fire extinguisher which contains CCl4 and it pushes the powder of CCl4 by the force of compressed gas so each container contains CaCO3 powder and compressed gas (it should be positively charged so when released the micro mirrors do not stick to each other) so when the pilot triggers it, it will go to the upper atmosphere through a very small hole in the luggage area of the airplane.
After each flight the luggage workers replace the empty container by a full one.

I am ready to answer any question or to meat any body to explain my idea which I believe in it %100 because it is based on mathematic and that no one can prove wrong, and based on experiments which it has been done many times when ever a volcano erupts and this idea is doing exactly what a volcano does. So please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me in fact I will be glad to help.


The last cool period earth has seen, it was like small ice age, it was few hundreds years ago where river Times in London use to freeze in winter, and England use to have nice cool summer, now we know why that happened, a big eruption of a volcano took place in Indonesia at that time where thousands of tons reached the upper atmosphere and it stayed for years reflecting the sun light, and that caused this small ice age. Where now in England they use air-conditioners and have heavy floods they never had such floods before.
My idea will create a volcano eruption sending one thousand tones of Micro Mirrors every single day to the upper atmosphere, day after day month after month and year after year, so we will create a volcano by using this idea and it is not out of control, we control the amount of Micro Mirrors best to have the most suitable temperature on our planet.

The usefulness of the idea will be in one of the following three possibilities:

1. The idea will slow down the Global Warming. Therefore giving use more time to find other solutions.
2. The idea will stop the Global Warming. therefore we have put an end to the Global Warming
3. The idea will stop then reverses the Global Warming. Therefore we can choose the best temperature the world can stay on.

This idea will solve the problem no matter which phenomena causing it wither the CO2 or the sun becoming more active.


The sewage water of the airplanes can be used usefully, where each airplane should spray this sewage water in the upper atmosphere as very fine particles and since the temperature up there is minus 30 degrees centigrade therefore this spray will immediately freeze to very small crystals of white ice which will reflect back to the outer space the sun light and heat.
since we have almost 30 thousands flights every day each has more than one cubic meter of sewage water to dispose off, therefore every day will be up to 30 thousands tons of crystal ice been supplied to the upper atmosphere between the troposphere and the stratosphere. And that will add up to huge surface area which can be measured in few months time into a million of square Kilometers.

We must add some detergent to the sewage water like Detol or potassium permanganate to kill all bacteria and viruses so when the crystals of the sewage water falls back on the land it does not spread possible diseases and cause sickness.


1- My idea uses harmless substance CaCO3 which is used in toothpaste they even put it in the chicken food to make them get enough calcium to make the egg shell.
2- my idea is not regional it is global, within a year the total surface area will add up to become as big as Australia and if we over use it, it will take us to a lower see level than we like and all the shore cities will be far from the see.
3- My idea will reflect during the day a full sun shin light and heat while during the night it reflects back to earth an amount less than 1% of what it already reflected out of the earth so we will have a gain of 99% so the microscopic mirrors will cool earth since there total surface area is equivalent to a big mirror put in the orbit circulating the earth it is as big as USA.
4- Since CaCO3 is natural material and abundant and cheep this material will cost us very little not like the use of polymers and other expensive materials besides that they are polluting man made materials.
5- Since we will use passenger flights so taking one thousand tones a day to the upper atmosphere will cost us little since we are not hiring those airplanes exclusively for this reason.
6- I used the cheapest harmless material where it is white as CaCO3 if it disintegrate it will become a white harmless CaO which is used widely in buildings in Mexico and all over the world and if it reacts with vapor it will change in to white harmless Ca(OH)2 so all versions of this material is white and that is a very high reflector of the heat and light. But if there is another material as cheep and as efficient as this we can use any other material which is financially more efficient than this material.
7- About the calculations they are very simple and strait forward that any chemist or physicist can check it very easily at the same time I challenge all man kind their first and their last to prove that this idea is not correct in its calculations or in the equipments or the method of using passenger airplanes.
8- About the calculations, all of it is very simple calculations changing Cm to m or m to Km except the part of measuring the surface area of one mole it is very simple to any chemist.

If we ask a computer to give its point of view about this idea it will analyze this idea logically this way:

The variables I have.

This solution:
1. Either it works.
2. Or it does not work.
And the options we have is:
1. An eminent distraction to our planet.
2. Or using a very low cost solution.

The decision to be taken:
• If we ignore this solution we will certainly have our planet destroyed.

• If we use this solution we will save our planet.

Loses and gains:

1. If the solution does not work the cost is so cheep one country alone can pay for it, so for the whole planet it is two million dollar for each country has to pay.
2. If it works we will save the world.

Therefore ignoring this idea is wasting the only chance we have to save our planet.
Therefore we should never waste the only chance we have to save our planet.

This is what a computer says I wander what mankind will say.

Last year US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Chu) was on the head news saying that they found a very good way to combat global warming, and that is by painting all the houses in a white color, and they showed an entire village painted in white.


I made my calculations.

If painting the entire house exterior in white will cost minimum $200 and there is 500 million homes in the world only, the cost will be 100 billion dollars and if only %20 of the homes painted that will cost 20 billion plus soon the dust will cover the roof and reduce the efficiency almost to %40 therefore my idea is cheaper it cost $230 million only.

Bering in mind the total surface area of his project will be only 50,000 Km2 while my idea will be more than one million Km2 up to 8 million Km2 surface area.

500,000,000 house X 100 m2 surface area of a house /1000000= 50,000 Km2

Video shows the solution as a graphic

Kasim Alazzawi
Email : brysam2@yahoo.co.uk

Please see this so you know how global warming will devastate our planet in a short time.

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