Minister for the Reef!

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Minister for the Reef!


Louise Matthiesson, WWF-Australia via 

5:44 PM (20 minutes ago)

to me
Under water coral, Great Barrier Reef  © Troy Mayne


I have really exciting news: Queensland now has a Minister for the Great Barrier Reef.

When Steven Miles was sworn in yesterday as the new Queensland Environment Minister, he also became the first Minister to have the Great Barrier Reef in his job title.

Your work fighting to protect our natural treasure has helped elevate this issue so much that the government have appointed a Minister for the Reef! Well done!

Now its time to put words into action. Minister Miles and the new Queensland Government have a strong set of commitments to act on including:

1. A ban on sea-based disposal of dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area;
2. A commitment to achieve an 80% reduction in pollution run-off into the Great Barrier Reef by 2025;
3. Reinstating key legal safeguards for the Reef – including protection of bushland, coastal protections and water reform;
4. Providing an additional $100 million over five years towards water quality initiatives, scientific research and better environmental practices in the primary production and fishing industries;
5. No dumping of dredge spoil on the fragile Caley Valley wetlands at Abbot Point; and
6. Protection of the Fitzroy Delta near Rockhampton.

To congratulate Minister Miles on being chosen for this crucial portfolio – and to urge him to start working on delivering on these commitments, please click here to share this image on Facebook:


Thanks for all your help.

Louise Matthiesson
Great Barrier Reef Campaigner
WWF- Australia

P.S. You can also congratulate the new Minister on Twitter by clicking here.

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