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Say no to $100,000 degrees


Bill Shorten via 

7:01 PM (19 minutes ago)

to me

While the Liberals brainstorm debt recovery ideas, the answer is staring them straight in the face: scrap your plans for $100,000 degrees.

You and I both know that the best way to make sure young Australians don’t face a debt sentence is to stop the introduction of $100,000 degrees.

The best way to ensure young Australians aren’t crippled by a lifetime of debt is to stop the Americanisation of our universities by the Liberals.

And we can do that by building community pressure against this unfair policy.

Can you help us spread the facts on this shambles of a policy and say no to $100,000 degrees?


I believe hard work and good marks should be the only criteria for university, not how much your parents earn.

Two-thirds of all new jobs over the past five years required a degree – and in the future that will only grow.

To price young Australians out of higher education makes no sense.

That’s why the Labor team and I will keep fighting against $100,000 degrees. You can join with us in that fight and share the truth about the Liberals’ plans for our higher education system online today.

Australians deserve to know the truth about what this Government is up to. If we keep sharing small things like this, you and I can make a difference.

Thanks for standing with me on this,


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