More than 400 service stations now sell ethanol and bio-diesel fuels


Shell, Caltex in on the act: Shell recently launched Shell
Optimax Extreme, a super-high octane fuel formulated with 5 per cent
ethanol through Coles Express. Optimax will be the official fuel of the
V8 Supercars Championship for 2006 and Caltex has signed a contract to
supply ethanol from the Dalby bio-refinery to a new biofuels supplier.

Independents, too: Mr Howard said independent fuel companies
were also making a big contribution. United sells ethanol blends at
more than 90 locations Australia-wide. Australian Farmers Fuel sells
bio-diesel at more than 50 outlets across Australia. Neumann Petroleum
and Freedom Fuels each sell retail biofuels at 25 service stations.

Progress “exceeding expectations”: “I am very pleased with the progress that has been made, it’s more than I expected and it’s very welcome,” Mr Howard said.

Queensland Country Life, 29/12/2005, p. 5

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