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The Westender’s Jimmy Wall reports on two mega events for young musos in Brisbanelittlebigsound1

Youth Music Industries has two events lined up for young music lovers and musicians in Brisbane in July and August this year.

Little BIGSOUND (QMusic in conjunction with Youth Music Industries) on Friday 12th July is a one-day forum for young, aspiring musicians that want to learn more about how to kick off their career in the music industry. It is not exclusively for those who want to learn how to make their music better, as it will also teach up-and-coming music promoters and event managers the ins-and-outs in the world of music.

4 WALLS FESTIVAL on Saturday 3rd August is an all-ages music festival for the emerging talents from the Brisbane area. Not just serving up the newest of the Brisbane bands, but it will also have quite a few DJs spinning some wax and serving up some amazing mixes. The festival will also have chill out spaces and food and drinks available for the attendees to enjoy.

Little BIGSOUND has been held since 2011. Since then the demand and success of the event has inspired the organisers to expand its content project manager Fionn Richards told Westender.

“Past Little BIGSOUNDs we focused just on music, but this year we are branching out,” Mr Richards said.

Offering talks focused on musicians, management jobs and media jobs related to music. To help those who want a career in the music industry, as it is a very ruthless industry. An event you can not miss out on if you hope to make it in the music industry.

4 WALLS FESTIVAL is a festival for all-ages and with local up-and-coming young musicians. A festival where everyone can enjoy the latest the Brisbane music scene has on offer programmer Gonzalo Rodino told Westender.

“Everyone says that the Brisbane music scene is really small, but the music is better than anywhere else I think – there are so many good Brisbane bands,” Mr Rodino said.

It is the 4th year this festival is held and the interest for it is growing each year. It is so popular they often have to turn people away at the door, so it is important to get your tickets early to ensure you can partake in this sought-after event.

More info about both events by Youth Music Industries:

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