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BlueprintBlueprint, an exhibition of fine arts prints by ten Brisbane printmakers opened at the Baber studio on Friday.

The show showcases a diverse talent of printmakers and artists whose approach to design, links experimentation and functionality through a cross-pollination of art and architecture.

Ann Roworth, one of the ten printmakers, uses aluminum etching to make her prints and her work ‘what the eye sees, the mind conceives’, is displayed  at the exhibition.


“We’re all united by the fact that we’re printmakers, but there are a range of different techniques we use and we’ve been exploring the theme of art and architecture individually in our different approaches, within printmaking as an artistic medium,” she said.

Baber studio, a recently established architecture and design practice by partners Kim Baber and Monique Baber specializes in architecture, interior design, master planning, and public art project management.

According to Kim Baber, although there is a general notion that there is a direct link between art and architecture, the interrelation should not be forced since architecture and art are two separate disciplines with rear cross-over’s.

“Being informal about these interrelations is a good thing because it allows the in-cooperation of other possibilities and encourages the emergence of ideas such as Blueprint, ” he said.

The exhibition will continue until Saturday 20th September 2014 at Baber Studio, 9/173 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane.

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