No Nuclear waste for Muckaty


A forty thousand year old culture told us that this mineral could destroy the world, but we did not take any notice, “scientists had something more important than a myth about a snake.”

So where has this science got us?

Around the world millions of tonnes of nuclear waste sit in council dumps, in rusting drums, waiting for the world to build a nuclear waste depot. The Unites States alone produces 3000 tonnes of high level waste every year. Europe produces many times that. Now we are expanding the global nuclear industry and our land, Australia, is going to become the world’s nuclear waste dump?

Not on my watch.

The US government has spent billions planning a high level waste dump at Yucca Mountain and has abandoned it. Google Yucca mountain and read about how the government reached the conclusion that it is impossible to store nuclear waste safely. Impossible.

In May 2006, John Howard signed a deal with Canada and the USA that Australia and Canada, the two largest miners of Uranium, would sell their Uranium to the US, so that it could be leased to other countries as fuel rods in an exchange system that would prevent countries stockpiling uranium, or plutonium and making nuclear weapons.

Once used, the high level waste that was not required by the US military to make the bunker buster bombs causing all the birth defects in Iraq, would be dumped in Australia.

The Howard government worked with the mining companies on finding a suitable place and came up with Muckaty station. We all know how the politics works, how the mining companies throw money around and how they work to divide the people from each other and get someone to say yes.

We have seen it happen to the Mirra people up at Jabiluka, it’s all here in David Bradbury’s film. And even after those Mirra people won the fight at Jabiluka the miners are back now, 12 years later, saying it doesn’t matter, they are going to dig that uranium up anyway.

Not on my watch

The Gillard Government supports this policy. The Gillard Government has people like Martin Ferguson who think that digging up all the minerals in this land and selling them overseas is a good way to run the country.

They don’t care about the land. They don’t even care about feeding twenty million Australians. All they care about is money.

Now, we have to get together and say enough.

No nuclear waste for Muckaty, No Nuclear waste in Australia, No more Uranium Mining, in short, No Nuke.

Leave the Uranium in the ground.

So what is happening to that nuclear waste now?

We use it to build weapons. Uranium is heavy. It is heavier than lead and harder than steel. It makes great shell casings. Because it is so hard and because it is so heavy it is great for punching holes in reinforced concrete. Ever heard of a bunker buster? That is a uranium encased shell. Not only is it heavy, not only is it hard, but it is also incredibly hot. When it hits a concrete wall it heats up and explodes. It is not a nuclear bomb but it is an explosion none the less and it spreads radiation as it explodes.

If you look at the pictures of Bagdad being bombed on the nights of the invasion that toppled Sadaam Hussein, the sky is full of sparkles. That sparkly effect was not present in the bombing of European cities in the second world war. That sparkly effect is the tiny pieces of uranium shell exploding after they have shattered on impact. That sparkly effect is the radioactive elements being spread across the city of Bagdad and the nation of Iraq. That sparkly effect is the cause of a huge upsurge in deformed babies, so revolting that they cannot be shown on television or in the mainstream media because everyone would switch off.

We can watch torture, we can look at bodies piled up in the streets, but these deformed infants disgust us beyond belief. These deformed infants are the beginning of the revenge of the rainbow serpent. We have woken up the fundamental forces by digging into the treasure trove of the rainbow serpent harness the power within the earth.

And why are we doing this?

Greed. In an energy hungry world, we want money and power.


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