Number one reason for business failure

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Matthew Snelleksz
Matthew Snelleksz fixes broken businesses with simple blunt advice

Strategic business advisor and CPA, Matthew Snelleksz, has revealed his analysis of why businesses fail.

Worells Insolvency and Forensic Accountants Conference on the Gold Coast identified that across their 41 years of experience in helping companies that have got into trouble, poor financial management is the major problem facing businesses. The quality of the product, the marketing, the sales force and other measures mean nothing if money is leaking out of the systems.

Snelleksz applies a much more blunt measure and has put it front and centre of his blog this week. His view is consistent with our own observations that a fish rots from the head and the personality and management style of the owner is a key indicator of how a company will perform. Snelleksz’ view is more tightly targeted than that but no less blunt.

For the full details, head over to his blog.


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