One in 10 would vote differently in election


Voters in NSW and Queensland, the states which recorded the biggest swings against the Labor government, were also more inclined than those in other states to vote differently the second time around.

The four independents mulling over who to support in a minority government have not ruled out walking away from the whole process and making the country have another election should they be unsatisfied with the intent of the negotiations.

The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has been accused by the Greens leader, Bob Brown, of spoiling for another election. Mr Abbott has publicly rejected this.

The poll did not indicate which party would benefit should there be another election. Labor suffered the most from changed voter behaviour on August 21 with a large swag of votes going directly to the Greens. It suffered a 5 percentage point swing against it on the primary vote, of which 3.6 per cent went to the Greens and 0.6 per cent went to the Liberals.