Outdoor diners need smoke-free protection.




“Premier Keneally and her ministers will need to sort through the same arguments that their predecessors went through a decade ago when indoor diners were finally protected from side stream smoke.


“Local governments have led the way with bans within a number of  municipalities. The NSW government must now come to the table and ban all smoking in outdoor dining areas.


“The Keneally government must be strong enough to stand up to those elements of the restaurant industry who will argue that it will damage their business.


“Just as the indoor dining ban increased the number of customers, an outdoor ban will help boost summer patronage.


“The total cost of smoking to NSW is $6.6 billion a year, including health services expenses of $476 million.


“Without a ban on smoking in outdoor eating areas, enjoyment of al fresco dining on a warm summers evening is often limited by other people’s cigarette smoke.


“The Greens join with the Cancer Council in calling for a ban across a wide range of outdoor venues including sporting stadia and grounds, children’s playgrounds, outdoor entertainment areas and venues, crowded beach locations, taxi stands, bus stops and within seven metres of public building entrances,” Dr Kaye said.


For more information:       John Kaye 0407 195 455

John Kaye
Greens member of the NSW Parliament
phone: (02) 9230 2668
fax: (02) 9230 2586
mobile: 0407 195 455

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