‘People must be sensitised to problems of rising population’



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Teaching the census and population: news and resources round up
The Guardian (blog)
This geography lesson pack for ages 11-14 uses Guardian articles to cover the reasons for rapid population growth, the effects of that rapid population growthand policies to slow down population growth. Methods used in estimating population size 
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The Guardian (blog)
Met Council numbers show increase in county population
Coon Rapids Herald
Minneapolis, with 5295, led population growth, followed by St. Paul (1299), Woodbury (1182) and Blaine (1145). Anoka County’s population jumped 3209 from the 2010 U.S. Census figure of 330844 to the Metropolitan Council 2011 estimate of 334053.
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Population rise will force schools to use empty shops and warehouses
The Guardian
The problems, highlighted by the latest census, are now acute in London and other big cities, where education chiefs say population growth – coinciding with the movement of people into cheaper areas as the recession and benefit cuts bite – is creating 
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The Guardian
‘People must be sensitised to problems of rising population
The Hindu
People should be sensitised to socio-economic problems arising out of uncheckedpopulation growth. Government officers should join hands with youth to spread the message, said N.R.Sivapathi, Minister for School Education, Youth Welfare and Sports, 
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The Hindu
150000 left NZ since recession began
National Business Review
Statistics New Zealand have released their first population projection since 2009. With nearly 4.5 million people living here now, the projections show slow growth in coming years – 5 million in the mid-2020s, 6 million around 2060. But it’s the make-up of that 
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Cyber corner: China’s net population, hacker mom
Hamilton Spectator
BEIJING (AP) It’s the biggest — and it’s getting even bigger. China’s population of Internet users is now up to 538 million. That’s an 11-per cent increase over last year’s numbers — which had already put China at No 1 in the world when it comes to netizens.
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Merrill Lynch predict growth for Dubai in the coming years
Select Property
In its medium-term outlook report, GCC 2020, the bank said: “Diversified economy, continuedpopulation growth and superior infrastructure investment will have positive impact on Dubai’s retail, hospitality and residential market. “We believe the key drivers of 
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Lewisham’s population rises 8% in a decade
Crosswhatfields? (blog)
It does not support the idea that Lewisham needs to build more homes. Quite the opposite. if Lewisham built fewer new homes, the population of Lewisham would have risen less. The unsustainable population growth shows that Lewisham should build fewer 
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Global Apparel Manufacturing Industry Market Research Report Now Available 
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Key factors affecting the industry over the past five years were population growth, disposable income levels and international trade levels. Consumers need clothing for practical reasons, causing demand to grow as the global population increases. Industry 
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