Polar Vortex Causes Ice Melt Shortage

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Polar Vortex Causes Ice Melt Shortage

SafePaw ™ Ice Melt natural ingredients here to stay.

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Huntingdon Valley, PA — (SBWIRE) — 01/28/2014 — With record snow falls and plummeting temperatures nationwide, people have been hitting the stores to stock up on necessary items, especially ice melt. After years of mild winters, most ice melt companies decided not to over prepare and get stuck with extra product; causing a shortage across the country. SafePaw ™, the only 100% animal safe, salt-free natural ice melt on the market isn’t facing that problem. Most ice melt products do not have a long shelf life and will spoil if not used over the winter. The inconsistent summer weather makes storing ice melt unreliable over the months. Many ice melt companies lose a lot of money on spoiled product.

Rock Salt is the most commonly used ingredient, supplies are sent from various manufacturers around the world. Ice melt products use blends of many chemicals and chlorides that are extremely harmful to pets as well as humans. With this current winter setting records, supplies are dwindling dangerously low and receiving new product presents many challenges to companies.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their land appropriately while providing a clean, safe walkway and environment for the public. Failure to do so can lead to lawsuits, injuries, and other problems. What are the options available? As far as ice melting goes, there is still one company that seems to be in the forefront, SafePaw ™ Ice Melt, a great product that doesn’t have a shelf life and can last for many years in storage. Because SafePaw ™ is a 100% natural, the product won’t damage surfaces, can be stored anywhere if kept away from moisture and won’t harm animals. This non-toxic, environmentally sound ice melt is producing at a high rate to make sure customer’s demands are met.

The SafePaw ™ Ice Melt Company, Gaia Enterprises, Inc., has a special secret formula that other brands can’t copy. Where other brands have to rely on sourcing hard to find ingredients, SafePaw ™ has a steady supply of proprietary components.

With old man winter showing no signs of mercy, resources are starting to run thin. Remember SafePaw ™ Ice Melt is here to stay.

For information on where to find Safe Paw, check out www.safepaw.com.

About SafePaw
In 1996 SafePaw was created and designed to sell to the pet industry (retail consumers and veterinarians). Safe Paw benefits including:

– Guaranteed safe for pets and children
– Environmentally safe
– Won’t harm decking of any kind
– Safe on asphalt, concrete, and pavers
– Safe on plants and shrubs
– Proprietary traction agent (helps prevent slips and falls)

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