Hero or Boofhead? – Professor Ian Plimer


PlimerHis claim to fame is that he took on the Creationists and won accolades from the scientific community and thoughtful members of the clergy.

His disgraces are legion, however. In 1997 as many scientists and engineers dug through slow and freezing mud to discover the causes of the landslide in Thredbo, Plimer announced from the comfort of his ivory tower that they were all looking in the wrong place and that he knew the cause of the landslide. His announcement got a lot of media attention and diverted funds away from the work on the ground.

When he was subsequently proved wrong he had earned the ire and disgust of his colleagues and the distrust of many politicians and old friends in the media.

Since then he has been busy earning money from fossil fuel lobby groups.

You can read more about him in the following articles and vote on his value in our poll at the left.

NFF bets the farm on climate denier.

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