Protests expected at Glasson launch

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Media release predicts protest
A peaceful but angry crowd gathered last week to protest the VLAD laws

Extraordinary unity emerges as protests groups target Glasson, Abbott at Griffith campaign launch – “A sign of things to come”

An extraordinary “people’s coalition” is emerging as citizens across Queensland converge around a raft of “attacks on democracy” in the Sunshine State.

Throngs of protesters are set to descend on LNP Candidate for Griffith Bill Glasson’s campaign launch in Coorparoo tomorrow, according to protest organiser Ewan Saunders.

“The people of Queensland are twigging to the fact that we have both a state and federal government hell-bent on ripping away our basic rights to give big business a free ticket to our common wealth,” Mr Saunders said.

“Meanwhile, families, lives and careers are being decimated at the hands of Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie.”

“Day by day more people are realising that the VLAD laws in Queensland are no more than populist propaganda distracting us from plans to dismantle Medicare, smash our working people’s Unions, and sell off our few remaining public assets,” Mr Saunders said.

Tomorrow’s protest comes only days after LNP Candidate for Griffith Dr Bill Glasson distanced himself from earlier statements by the Prime Minister entertaining the idea of a $6 “co-contribution” to be imposed on formerly bulk-billled GP Medicare visits.

Protest groups which drew over 2000 protesters in Brisbane on Australia Day are promoting Saturday’s event. An image promoting tomorrow’s protest has attracted massive social media promotion, with hundreds of opponents of the Queensland Government’s “anti-association” laws sharing it, urging people to attend.

Mr Saunders said: “An unprecedented ‘People’s Coalition’ is emerging as more and more Australians come to grips with the fact that the crackdown on democracy in Queensland is part of a national strategy of the almost wall-to-wall LNP regime developing in Australia.”

“Mr Abbott’s extraordinary slamdown of our ABC is the first salvo in the war on the last remnants of an independent press we have in this country,” he said.

“This protest is just a small sign of things to come.”

Protesters will gather tomorrow at 10am at the entrance of Easts Leagues Club, 40 Main St, Coorparoo, BRISANE

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