Regional NSW ‘to grow 70%’ by 2036


NB (What idiocy From Planning Minister Kelly.This is based solely
on the economy. This is a recipe for disaster)

Regional NSW ‘to grow by 70%’ by 2036

AAP April 6, 2010, 9:47 am


Population growth in regional NSW over the next 25 years will boost the economy, Planning Minister Tony Kelly says.

The government on Tuesday released its population forecasts up to 2036, showing regional areas with the strongest projected growth are mostly along the coast or just inland.

Maitland’s population is expected to rise 71 per cent, Palerang shire, west of Canberra, is set to go up by 69 per cent and Queanbeyan is expected to rise 72 per cent.

Other areas expected to have strong growth include Eurobodalla, Coffs Harbour and the Yass Valley, the forecasts say.

Planning Minister Tony Kelly says the projections are pleasing.

“It’s pleasing to see some of our inland and coastal areas are expected to experience strong growth, helping the state’s regional economy,” Mr Kelly said in a statement.

The forecasts would allow all levels of government to plan for the future, he said.

The projections also showed an increase in people aged up to 14 will be limited to metropolitan areas, coastal areas and areas surrounding Canberra.

An increase in the number of people aged 65 and over will occur in every local area.

Populations of some Sydney suburbs are set to double or even quadruple.

Camden’s population will more than quadruple, the forecast says, increasing by 390 per cent to 249,800 people, while Liverpool will almost double, growing by 90 per cent to 324,400 residents.


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