SA bottle recycling deposit to rise to 20c


Driving bottles across the border into South Australia for recycling is about to get more lucrative – if you can avoid getting caught, reports The Australian Financial Review (27/10/2006, p.3).

Deposit to rise to 20c: The state government is proposing to lift the 5c recycling deposit to as much as 20c a bottle.

$4000 fine for bringing from interstate: But it wants to impose a $4000 fine for recyclers who bring bottles from interstate to claim refunds.

Interstate importation causing concern: The manager of industry sustainability at the SA Environment Protection Authority, Tom Whitworth, said the practice of bringing empty containers into SA for refunds was causing concern for the 118 collection depots and manufacturers.

Large quantities being brought in: The SA government has admitted that "large quantities" of empty containers were being brought from other states to claim the 5c refund.

Hope that fines and declarations will stop the practice: They hope to thwart the practice through the fines and by giving recycling depots powers to seek declarations that containers brought in for refunds were bought in SA.

The Australian Financial Review, 27/10/2006, p.3

Source: Erisk Net  

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