Thieves siphon off 27,000-litre water tanks


Water and water carrier equipment have been stolen in southern NSW, as the worsening drought drives people to despair. Water carters have been flooded with work, with delivery backlogs of up to a week and new customers turned away, reported The Canberra Times (25/10/2006, p.4).

Tanks, dams not safe: Goulburn police had received half a dozen reports of 27,000-litre water tanks being siphoned off by thieves. Water theft had also been reported in Yass, Bungendore and Tarago. At a property in Bungendore, a farmer told police his dam level had dropped by 30cm and there were vehicle tyre marks nearby.

Carters’ equipment targeted: Sutton water carter James Bingley recently had his standpipe – a device used in water collection, stolen out of the back of his truck. A replacement cost him $1300. Mr Bingley said the drought was placing strain on the region’s water carrier and he was running four days behind.

Carters at fever pitch: One of the region’s biggest water suppliers, AAA All Areas Water Carrying, has three water carriers working from dawn to dusk and some through the night. One day last week, the company fielded 52 phone calls in the space of three and a half hours.

The Canberra Times, 25/10/2006, p.4

Source: Erisk Net  

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