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The US, Canada and Japan are climate-wrecking at Bali – here’s our global emergency petition to save the talks, add your name automatically by clicking below!

" We call urgently for the US, Canada and Japan to stop blocking serious 2020 targets for emissions reductions, and for the rest of the world to refuse to accept anything less."

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We’re here at the climate summit in Bali — but it’s reached crisis point. Working late, negotiators were nearing consensus that developed countries should pledge post-Kyoto emissions cuts by 2020–a step which the scientists say is needed to avert the worst ravages of global warming, and which will help to bring China and the developing world onboard. But then the news broke: the US, Canada and Japan rejected any mention of such cuts. Every few hours the draft changes.

We can’t let three governments hold the world to ransom: so we’re launching a global emergency petition before the summit climax in 48 hours. We’ll deliver our message every way we can — a stark full-page advertisement in the Jakarta Post conference supplement which all the delegates are reading, stunts at the conference gates, direct to country negotiators — telling Canada, Japan and the US to accept the option of post-Kyoto targets, and the rest of the world to settle for nothing less.

Please take a moment right now to sign the new global emergency petition — the text is in the box above, so click this link to sign automatically if you’ve taken action with us before — then tell all your friends:

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the expiring Kyoto pact, but Japan, the US and Canada don’t seem to want a workable global deal to follow it. There is almost universal agreement in Bali that the idea of 2020 climate targets should be included, making possible a deal to bring the developing world onboard over time. As the news links below make clear, the US, Japan and Canada are destroying that delicate bargain, not even allowing the idea to be mentioned.

We’re doing everything we can. Tens of thousands of Canadian Avaaz members have launched an ad campaign telling their government not to betray them — our Japanese members are emailing their leaders — while our American members will send their own message to Bali as Al Gore and Congressional and local representatives land there, asking negotiators to ignore the official US delegation because it does not represent them.

Coming from every country on earth, all of us can play a direct role in the Bali face-off by signing this global emergency petition — delivered at the summit gates, in a full-page Financial Times ad, and direct to delegates. Add your name at this link, act now and spread the word — we have just 48 hours:

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