With this suit you don’t need a wallet

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Heritage Bank unveiled their top-secret project The Heritage Power Suit yesterday in Brisbane.

Mat Rogers making a payment with The Heritage Power Suit.

Made from 100% Superfine Australian Merino Wool by Australian tailor M.J. Bale, overseen by Japanese master tailor Kenichi Kaneko.

The Heritage Power Suit has a built-in Visa payWave chip in the sleeve, which is connected to your Heritage Bank account.

All you need to do is wave your arm to make a payment.

One out of the twelve prototype suits will be auctioned on Ebay and all the proceeds made from the auction will go to Mat Rogers’ 4 ASD Kids charity.

M.J. Bale CEO Matt Jenson says the most powerful men don’t carry wallets and the suit will allow you to be ahead of the technology game and look top notch.

“This suit allows you to join their ranks.”

“M.J. Bale has always been a brand for stylish gentlemen, the prototype means the wearer doesn’t need to ruin the cut of their trousers or jacket with a bulky wallet.”

Mat Rogers and Heritage Bank COO John Williams.

Heritage Bank CEO John Minz says we all live incredibly fast lives, yet still want to look good and use cutting-edge technology.

“We are all about enriching people’s lives by embracing such new technology and finding innovative ways to help them do their banking.”

“Forgetting your wallet will now be impossible.”

Visit the Ebay auction here: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/261452304995

Learn more about the suit here: http://www.heritage.com.au/powersuit

Learn more about 4 ASD Kids here: http://www.4asdkids.com

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