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Australian Internet Book
The Australian Internet Book sold over 64,000 copies in four editions

Many business models have suffered from change at the hands of the internet. Bookstores, travel agents, newspapers like this one as well as video and record stores.

In some cases the money has moved offshore to international corporates like Amazon. In other cases, though, the Internet has allowed small businesses to punch well above their weight.

Bookstores that specialise in military history, for example, are thriving in the new era because they can deliver their expertise to a broader audience.

Identifying your unique contribution to the value chain is the key to thriving in the networked age.

Urban Voice, the publishers of Westender, work with our advertisers and other clients to maximise the advantage the Internet offers your business.

We have built the Westender online business from a base of 800 subscribers to over 14,000 in the last six months. We have over 13,500 unique visitors to the website every month, each visiting between two and three times. They generally view around four pages each visit.

Over 2,000 people now susbscribe to one of our weekly eNewsletters and our advertisers know exactly who sees their ads, who clicks on them and, in most cases, what happens next.

Contact us on or 0402 779 375 to find out more.

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