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The John James Newsletter 78

12 September 2015

Wonderful, as usual 

I look forward to this every week now

it gives me a picture of what’s going on that I cannot get elsewhere

it is, for me, better than the Economist, and that is very high praise

for the Economist is the best news publication in the world 

I’m sending it on to a few friends who I think might also be interested in reading it

and might like to subscribe (it’s free!)

Australian bookmaker takes bets on first beaches to ‘disappear’ due to global warming

Betting agency says rising seas are threatening the nation’s beaches and invited bets on the first to go, with Palm Cove in Queensland at 4-1 favourite 

Gaza water shortage catastrophic: ‘We can’t drink, cook or wash with it’ 

More than 90% of the Gaza Strip’s water is undrinkable. The rest is quickly running out. A combination of factors is rapidly depriving the population of this most basic of needs. RT investigated day-to-day life under these conditions.

Israeli settlers set fire to dozens of olive trees after West Bank shooting

The Israeli army had deployed around the villages of Beita and Einabus and completely sealed their entrances, preventing Palestinian residents from entering or leaving “until further notice.” 

The Refugee Crisis Has Been A Long Time Coming

The forces that have created this crisis are massive and historic in scale. The crisis is a symptom of the far greater and far more brutal reality – a new Holocaust we refuse to acknowledge. There is widespread genocide in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. The US destabilises one country after another. It slowly builds and grinds. Areas that are lost to civil strife can never find peace. Cities reduced to rubble can never be rebuilt. Communities that are torn apart can never again knit together. Worse will come and it will not end until the US empire is destroyed. Please let us find a way to do that without another World War. 

Dead Refugees And Dead Topless Girls 

For a change those rightwing leaders in Europe may read history books. Europe has benefitted from migration immensely: when the continent was ravaged by war seven decades ago, rest of the world embraced the refugees with open arms. After the Second World War, Australia, New Zealand and rest of Americas accepted huge refugee population from Europe.

Europe’s Migrant Crisis By the Numbers

In 2014, nearly 78% of asylum-seekers occurred at sea—the most common being Syrians attempting to traverse the eastern and central Mediterranean. Eritreans were one of the most frequent along the central Mediterranean, while Afghans, Somalis, and Iraqis along the eastern Mediterranean.

The link between Amazon fires and devastating hurricanes

Pro-Kurdish HDP Party Offices Attacked Across Turkey

Having suffered a serious setback at the general elections on 7 June, the President made his ambitions explicit when he declared,“None of this would have happened if we had won 400 seats in the parliament”. 

Ancient Mayan impact on the environment is still seen today

Evidence from the tropical lowlands of Central America has shown how activity dating back more than 2,000 years not only contributed to the decline of the culture’s surroundings, but continues to influence conditions today. 

Turn Cities Green to Save Trillions of Dollars

The massive savings could reach US$22 trillion by 2050, and by 2030 the equivalent of 3.7 gigatons of pollution could be avoided — higher than India’s present greenhouse gas output. The report debunks the idea that investing in preventing climate change is too expensive to be worth while. 

Ethiopia – Land for Sale

As the economy thrives, we examine the plight of Ethiopians forced from their land to make way for foreign (mainly Chinese) investors. 

Is left-winger Jeremy Corbyn about to shake up British politics? 

Jeremy Corbyn, a little-known backbench MP until a few weeks ago, is now the clear favourite to become the next leader of the Labour Party.

Climate Change Is Already Reshaping The Earth

About 6% of the global total land area has shifted toward warmer and drier climate types from 1950–2010, and significant changes include expansion of arid and high-latitude continental climate zones, shrinkage in polar and midlatitude continental climates.

Rooftop solar states among top 30 generator 

California Just Voted To Divest From Coal

“Coal is the fuel of the past and it’s no longer a wise investment” California assemblyman Rob Bonta, who presented the bill, said in a statement. “I’m pleased that my colleagues agree: it’s time to move on from this dirty energy source.”

Catholic leaders make climate change plea to California lawmakers

Taking a cue from pope’s call to action, bishops ask legislators to say yes to proposed legislation that would reduce emissions and residents’ energy use 

Super-rich = Super-Waste

$us.23,000 to fly First Class.

Washington’s Responsibility is Missing From Reports of Yemeni Carnage:

The US was providing intelligence and logistical support for the campaign in Yemen, and that President Obama had authorized a ”joint planning cell” with Saudi Arabia to coordinate American support for the military offensive. 

‘Despair of a Generation’ as Violence Blocks Education for Millions

Nearly 14 million children across the Middle East and North Africa prevented by war and conflict from attending school. 

Trees Are Disappearing From The World At An Alarming Rate

In 2014, the planet lost more than 45 million acres of tree cover, with loss in tropical countries accounting for more than half of that total losing nearly 25 million acres of tree cover about the size of South Korea. Tree cover loss in the tropics is speeding up.

California to List World’s Most Commonly Used Herbicide as Carcinogen

World Health Organization found that glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup, was a probable human carcinogen based on extensive research. 

Monsanto Turns Its Attention to the Produce Aisle

It’s the business model for distributing it that is so scary. The patenting of vegetable seeds will follow the path of corn and soybeans, where genetic diversity and quality of seeds has been lost as consolidation has increased.

Bottled water

Follow the links – illusions of purity

China’s New Toys

The Dongfeng-21D, a land-based anti-ship ballistic missile capable of destroying one of those multibillion-dollar US aircraft carriers with a single hit. No wonder China’s parade celebrating the end of WWII had to be demonized.

The 12 military ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ of China’s historic parade 

Stonehenge archaeologists discover ‘superhenge’ neolithic site buried undergroun

The monument is one of the largest known henges ever found. It measures 500 metres across and more than 1.5 kilometres in circumference. Surrounded by a 17.6-metre-wide ditch and a bank around 1 metre high, the site has long mystified archaeologists as one side is straight and the other curved. Now ground penetrating radar has revealed that the straight edge in fact sits on top of a “C-shaped” monumen. 

The “Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project”

‘Hasn’t it been a terrific two years’

Labor MP’s 90-second tirade against Abbott government goes viral – video 

In Africa, more smoke leads to less rain

Each year, about half of all fires on Earth are in Africa. For centuries, Africans have been setting fires to increase agricultural productivity and clear land for farming. The smoke coalesces into huge plumes that have far-ranging impacts, influencing weather and precipitation patterns and supplying nutrients to land and ocean regions downwind.

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