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Bill Shorten via 

6:28 PM (2 minutes ago)

to me

Tony Abbott promised he would run a stable and united government – today’s chaos makes this his biggest broken promise yet.

Tony Abbott might have dodged today’s spill but the Liberals remain deeply divided.

The Prime Minister and Ministers should be protecting the living standards and jobs of all Australians – but they’re only spending all their time protecting their own jobs.

The Liberals’ unfair Budget and their broken promises are hurting Australians to the tune of $6000 a year for a typical family.

You only have to look at the new GP Tax, their increased petrol tax, $100,000 university degrees, cuts to pensions as well as $80 billion in cuts to schools and hospitals to see the evidence.

Never forget that every single member of the Abbott Cabinet voted to support this unfair and destructive Budget. But Mathias Cormann let the cat out of the bag on the weekend – not a single Minister has raised the unfairness of the Budget.

The truth is it doesn’t matter who leads the Liberals, it’s what they stand for that’s the problem.

The only way to change the Liberals’ unfair Budget is to change the Government. I put that case in a no confidence motion to Parliament today — watch it here.

Whoever is leader, Labor is ready to fight for low and middle income Australians, the people hurt most by this Government’s unfair Budget and broken promises.

My team is focused on policies that will support living standards, support jobs and help families with the cost of living. We believe in a strong and growing economy that delivers for all Australians and doesn’t leave people behind.

This instability means that an election could be coming at anytime so I hope I can keep counting on your support to help change this Government.

Thanks for standing with me on this,


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