Tunnel borer “springs” back into action

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The Westender has received another quirky media release from the Urban Utilities team tunneling their way underneath Mollison Street, outside the Coles supermarket. Here it is. This week sees our tunnel borer machine spring back into action as we come out of hibernation and recommence our tunnelling from the ‘garden bed’ in front of 26 & 30 Mollison Street towards Monty’s Spare Parts. We also expect new shoots to sprout up from our shopping centre shaft as we expand our budding network and drill our way towards the Boundary Street intersection. Now blossoms, this part is going to be a bit hayfevery as when we have to work in the intersection (possibly as early as this Monday, 8 September 2014) we will have to work at night due to the high traffic volumes in the daytime . It will be unseasonably noisy and we will have to close one lane of Melbourne Street for safety reasons. UUGiftTo help you cope with our new spring growth, we are offering you a free ‘poo-motional’ item (see pic left) to help you with your spring cleaning. Please email me at dylan.olliver@urbanutilities.com.au if you’d like some for your home or office, as this limited spring edition is a ‘collectors’ item. Finally, a huge thank you to you all for your amazing understanding throughout our winter of discontent, we greatly appreciate your ongoing support. Have a blooming marvellous week Yours Springcerely Dylan Olliver Communications Consultant Marketing and Communications

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