Vale Geoff Moxham

for biochar and inventor, Geoff Moxham, died in a freak forest
accident on Thursday 27

It is believed that Moxham was killed while cutting rafters for a new
biochar facility when a tree entangled by vines with another tree
that he felled was pulled onto him.

A long term proponent of the
efficacy of charcoal in improving soil fertility, Moxham was a
tireless advocate for low-cost domestic biochar appliances. He was
involved in a consortium that recently won a grant from UK-based
Artists for Planet Earth to develop a robust stove for domestic use.
In the same week, UK based public company Carbon Gold announced a
carbon offset scheme based on biochar produced in their Sussex

View Geoff’s recent interview on the Generator


For more information about Geoff’s work visit his website at Bodger’s Hovel





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