Victory! #kirrasaved

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Victory! #kirrasaved

Mick Fanning & Joel Parkinson via <>
2:59 PM (17 minutes ago)

to me

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Stoked – that’s what victory feels like.

With your help, and more than 35,000 people like you, we’ve saved the best beach in the world. Joel and I were so lucky to grow up surfing at Kirra and now, we’ll be able to keep surfing it.

The government has announced that there will be no cruise terminal at Kirra!

The proposal to tear up Kirra beach and replace it with a cruise terminal and a casino was always wrong, on so many levels. That’s why we supported the petition at to make sure that the proposal was rejected.

This fight was won because Kirra doesn’t belong to anyone; it belongs to everyone. The coast here belongs to the people. Kirra belongs to the kids, the swimmers, the surfers, and the people who just enjoy the beach. It belongs to the local community and the visitors who come here to experience the beauty of the place. It doesn’t belong to developers or cruise ships or casino owners or anyone who is trying to make money by destroying it.

I’m so proud of this community. In ten, twenty, thirty years time, we’ll still be able to sit on Kirra hill and look out over the best wave in the world breaking on our beach.

So, on behalf of Joel and I, thanks for signing the petition. You can share the good news by clicking here and sharing this victory on facebook.

Well done. #kirrasaved

Mick Fanning & Joel Parkinson and the Save our Southern Beaches Alliance

P.S. We’re going to celebrate this victory by going ahead with the paddle out at Kirra beach on Sunday morning at 10.00am.

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