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Sola Mia
Sola Mia aprons are the latest in hospitality chic

Sunshine Coast firm Sola Mia is flogging a line of leather aprons for cafes and restaraunts on the basis that the savings on laundry bills soon pay for the cost of an apron. Starting at $80 for the little lap numbers and heading north from there. The latest line is now available in navy, hunter green, turquoise, red, terracotta, bone, camel, tan and dark tan.

“These aprons will save anywhere from $208 – $364 per staff member each year in laundering fees. They’re stylish, hardwearing and don’t shows the signs of use cotton and denim aprons do,” Solo Mia Designs Director, Ms Sanam Arthur said.

Solo Mia Designs has now also added a side loop on their aprons to hold cloths and tea towels.

The aprons can be cleaned with a damp cloth and can be occasionally conditioned with leather conditioner, which is readily available in supermarkets.

Logo embossing is also available for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and the like. Australia Post delivers all aprons and depending on location will arrive between two – three business-working designs. (Bespoke and logo embossing aprons will take longer depending on order.)

Sola Mia owner Ms Sanam Arthur said, “having been the owner of a busy gourmet café for many years, I was inspired to create a product that would service the hospitality industry by providing a unique new line of aprons that would be practical, comfortable, look stylish and only need minimum maintenance.”

Solo mia designs’ business goal is to help empower women, and as such we are committed to supporting Hand in Hand, a charitable trust based in Tamil Nadu, India which has a focus on child labour elimination, education and the empowerment of women through micro business. If you would like to find out more about Hand in Hand, check out our Facebook page.

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